Friday, 17 February 2012

Invitation from Muckle Shetland

Iceland Gull -
Hello from Muckle Shetland,

Events in Shetland are covered by many individuals and bloggers. Recent events like the sensational Aurora Borealis, Up Helly Aa and the continuing Iceland Gull influx have been beautifully photographed with stories well written. As I scurried around the internet looking from blog to facebook to blog, I wondered who's stories I had missed? I thought someone should start a Shetland multi- authored blog. So instead of just thinking about it... I started one! Or I should say it is under development. I have given the "Blog" the provisional name Muckle Shetland Blog. 

The blog has a side bar showing 10 different and active Shetland blogs, but more can and will be added, if you know of others please send me a link? Muckle Shetland Forum has been created and attached to the blog to welcome participation and discussion from all viewers. As I google searched, I found many old or unused Shetland blogs. I suspect they didn't have an large enough audience to inspire further posts. For those people I think this format would be very beneficial, and I hope they would become occasional Muckle Bloggers. Plus will would welcome non- Shetland or visiting Bloggers from all over the world to summit Shetland travel related posts from their blogs. It's simple, once you joined you can copy and paste your existing post from your blog editor to the one here or start a completely new. Post are automatically shared on the Muckle Shetland Facebook page. 

Together we can make Shetland a bit more accessible. Cheers!

To become a contributor send us an email. 

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