Monday, 13 February 2012

Hearts in Nature - Happy Valentine's Day

Hearts in Nature
- all found on Fair Isle in the past year.

For the past 6 years since moving to Fair Isle I have gone for a walk on Valentine's Day with my camera and photographed natural occurring heart shapes. I would Share these images by email or on Facebook with friends & family as a sort of Valentine's Day card. Now with my blog I can share photos with a wider world. No apologies for the puns... it's all part of the fun for me. I did set up the first & last photos, the stone is unaltered as are the rest of the photos. This year I have collected images as I have sporadically seen them though out the year. I hope you enjoy them and please share with your friends. I will still go out on Valentines Day and add a few more images to this post. cheers Tommy

Your love Rocks!

That's a lovely sediment... 

Limpets in Love
The Limpet's constant clinging and sucking slowly causes erosion to the stone.

Limpets really leave a lasting impression.

Love on the rocks

Twisted Seaweed 

I don't just Lichen you... I'm Love'n you!

2 hearts

We got you covered... Lichen or not.

Moss be Love!
Love grows...

Red Admiral Butterfly
Hearts set to flutter.
(8 tiny ones)

Starlings Chicks
Everybody's got a Hungry Heart!
Meadow Pipit
Beak cause you love me! 
Love Birds                                  

The Biggest Heart! I can find...
Our love will never fade.
Happy Valentine's Day from Fair Isle
& Tommy H. Hyndman


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