Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Sumburgh Lighthouse and Scalloway Museum

Sumburgh Lighthouse under renovations.
See the plans for the new visitor centre.

The curious Puffins watch the on going construction. 

Sumburgh Head

Stunning cliffs, home to so many Sea Birds.

Fair Isle viewed from the Good Shepherd Ferry to Sumburgh.

This video is only 45 seconds of a 2.5 hour boat trip,
 but it's enough to feel sick...

Birdwatcher photograph group - Sumburgh,
taking photos of Gulls and Terns before taking the Boat (Good Shepherd) to Fair Isle.

Viking Ship - Lerwick Habour

Trout fishing in the bern or brook.
Small Shetland Brown Trout

Seriously does the ugly yellow plastic salt grit box need to be placed in front of this historic building?
I've always seen it as an eye sore.

Love this Shetland Trow in Fair Isle Jumper I found in the Scalloway Museum gift shop. 

Name plaques from shipwrecks in Scalloway Museum.
I had some fun making up what might of been the headlines those fateful days?
  • Jeannie wishes she didn't hit that rock.
  • Sunshine sets at the bottom of the Sea.
  • Seagull never to fly again.
  • Hazelbank deposits into depths.
  • Friendly Girls go down.

I love this painting of the shipwrecked RMS Oceanic off Foula.
by Shetland artist Jim Tait on exibit in the Scalloway Museum

Bonxie says... "Bon voyage!"